During the consultation of the Site, Cookies are deposited on the User's terminal.

Through this Cookies policy, the User can find out about the nature of the Cookies deposited and how they work.

Article 1: Definitions

- Site: set of web pages and resources linked by hyperlinks, defined and accessible by a web address.

- User: designates any person who accesses and navigates on the Site either as a simple Internet user or as a Customer.

- Cookie: designates a text file deposited on the hard disk of the User's terminal when visiting a Website.

Consequently, a Cookie is a sequence of information that may be transmitted to a browser by a Website to which the User connects.

The web browser stores it for a certain period of time and sends it back to the web server each time the User connects.

Cookies have multiple uses: they can be used to memorize a customer identifier with a Website, the contents of a shopping cart, an identifier allowing to trace a navigation for statistical or advertising purposes.

The law stipulates that Cookies may only be stored on the User's device if they are strictly necessary for the operation of the Site. For all other types of Cookies, it is necessary to obtain consent.

This Site uses different types of Cookies. Some Cookies are placed by third party services that appear on the pages. At any time, the User can modify or withdraw his consent as soon as the Declaration on Cookies on the Website.

Article 2: The different types of Cookies

- Browser Cookies :

These are Cookies necessary for the operation of the Site.

They allow the use of the main functionalities of the Site (e.g. use of the shopping cart or access to the account).

These are Cookies deposited by the owner of the Site which only concern the operation of the Site and which do not require the prior information and agreement of the User to be deposited on his terminal.

- Analytical Cookies:

These are Cookies that make it possible to know the use, the volumes of frequentation and use as well as the performances of the Site.

These Cookies allow the owner of the Site to improve the interest, ergonomics and operation of the services offered on the Site.

- Functional Cookies :

Cookies are used to identify information on the Site that may be of interest to the User in order to personalize the User's experience on the Site. They also allow the User to benefit from personalized advice and promotional offers depending on the origin of navigation (for example if the User comes from partner Sites).

They may also be used to provide features requested by the User. In order to personalize the User's shopping experience, the Site Owner may associate navigation data processed by Cookies with customer database data relating to the User's account or purchases on the Site.

A geolocation Cookie may be placed on the Site in order to locate the User in order to benefit from certain functionalities such as recommending store addresses, displaying the products available in the nearest stores or making appointments.

The geolocation Cookies are kept for a limited period of time for the needs of the service.

- Advertising Cookies

These are Cookies used to present advertisements to the User or to send information adapted to the User's centers of interest on the Site or outside the Site when browsing on the Internet.

In particular, they are used to limit the number of times the User sees an advertisement and to help measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

They allow, during the period of validity of these Cookies, to : broadcast advertising in all the spaces reserved for third-party advertising, count the number of displays of the advertising content broadcast, identify the advertisements thus displayed and the number of Users who clicked on each advertisement, calculate the sums due as a result and establish statistics, recognize the User's device during subsequent browsing on any other Site or service on which these advertisers or third parties also issue Cookies and, where appropriate, to adapt these third party Sites and services or the advertisements they broadcast, to the browsing of your device of which they may be aware.

Article 3: Cookies used on the Site

When the User connects to the Site, a banner is displayed.

Subject to the choices made, Cookies will be stored in the memory of the terminal used (computer, tablet, telephone). The information thus collected may be used by the Site consulted or by a third party, such as an advertising agency, or any other partner.

The Cookie is valid for a maximum period of 13 (thirteen) months from the day on which the User has given his/her consent to the integration of said Cookie.

Article 4: Opposition or deletion of Cookies

On computers, smartphones and other Internet access terminals, by default the browser software accepts the Cookies present on the Websites.

However, the User may manage the installation of Cookies by configuring the browser software used in order to :

- systematically refuse all Cookies
- ask that consent be required for each of the Cookies encountered while browsing the Internet.

To do so, simply refer to the configuration policies of each browser software and follow their instructions.

For your information, at the time this policy on Cookie management was drawn up, for the main browsers, please refer to the configuration policies of each browser and follow their instructions:

- With Internet Explorer: menu Tools - Internet Options - Privacy tab - choose the desired level.
- With Firefox: menu Tools - Options - Privacy tab - choose the desired options
- With Chrome: configuration menu (logo settings) - Settings - Advanced Settings - Content Settings - Choose the desired options

It is also possible to control the deposit of Cookies on smartphones in the operating system rules.
- On iOS:
- On Android:
Article 5: shelf life

Cookies stored on the User's terminal or any other element used to identify the User for the purposes of audience statistics or advertising will have a life span limited to a maximum of 13 months.
Article 6: Users' rights

In addition to the right to revoke at any time the consent given to the placing of a particular Cookie on the terminal, the User has the right to access, rectify, delete or portability of the data.

The User may object to the processing of his/her data (or request its limitation).

These rights may be exercised by any written means to :


The User must prove his identity at the time of his request.