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Jesus accessories for all jesus lovers

Looking for a Christian accessory to perfect your style of faith! You've come to the right place. Here you'll find everything you need to complete your Holy Spirit inspired outfit.

Christian caps

Our Christian caps are made in embroidery or print according to the models. There is something for all tastes and desires. Essential accessory to fight against the overwhelming sun that hits your head and have a style that goes with god.

Christian bags

For students or older people with our collection you have a lot to enjoy. Wear these bags to affirm your belonging to Christ and support us in our work for God. We collaborate with the brand "champions" to ensure our customers quality products.

At Jesus King, you will find Christian bags for men and women, traditional and modern models.

Christian phone cases

Do you want to adopt a discreet Christian style on a daily basis? Accessorize your phone with a pretty Christian shell. Our protections ensure your phone won't break when you drop it.

Christian keychains

Many people have adopted our Christian key chains. Why have they adopted them? For their many health benefits. Indeed, our key chains allow you to avoid touching your wrists with your hands to open the door, which prevents you from catching diseases.

We believe in our faith for Jesus that every keychain is blessed and brings us God's protection, these a way to indicate God's presence. In addition our Christian key chains are customizable according to your desires or for someone else to give as a gift.