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The key ring, an essential

All those keys that accompany you during the day (and sometimes at night) require a key ring, as much to assemble your keys in one place, but also to constitute an accessory that will follow and finish your personal style. Without it, you would be condemned to stuff all your keys alone in your pockets, and finding the right one would become a difficult task. Beyond this practical aspect, the key ring is also a way to display a trait of your personality and express yourself.

The Christian store Jesus King makes symbolic key rings in relation to the Bible, they are not simple key rings but behind them lies a story.

After the smartphone, the keychain would be the accessory we use the most every day. It therefore deserves a lot of attention. Jesus King wanted to emphasize the fact that this object alone is the symbol of property and your personality.

You can also personalize your key ring to your liking for yourself or as a gift.