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The Christian cap our fashion accessory

Between decorative badges, bicolor models or tropical prints you have the choice to please yourself at Jesus King.

Looking for a nice men's cap ? We have a Christian cap with decorative badges. With for example a Jesus cross or Christian symbols. Our caps represent much more than a material object but a real representation of our faith to the world.

It has advantages of protection against the sun's rays is one of the great utilities, the cap becomes indispensable if one is bald or has very short hair.

Fashionable types of Christian caps

As far as the shape is concerned, the most fashionable type of cap at the moment is the curve. It is the one worn by baseball players. Its visor is curved. A curved cap has a round shape and is made up of 6 panels of fabric in the shape of a triangle.

Ideal for very hot weather, the trucker models are equipped with an air vent : half or two thirds of the cap is made of a kind of mesh, a very airy fabric.