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Why Did Jesus Speak In Parables ?

Why Did Jesus Speak In Parables ?

Hello and God bless you, if you have read any passage of the Bible in four gospels you may have noticed that Jesus often used parables to communicate with the crowd. Because preach the kingdom of god in depth, for men will be incomprehensible. 🤯

Before I explain everything in detail let me show you a verse that explains why Jesus spoke in parables. The teachings of jesus with the Jews it was probably unbelievable.

Why Did Jesus teach In Parables


In Matthew 13:10-10 the disciples of Jesus asked him why he often spoke in parables and Jesus Christ replied that the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven had been given to them, but when you see you do not perceive and when you hear you do not understand.

Following this introduction, we will first explain the meaning of the word parable in the context in which Jesus used it.


It is a pictorial illustration of reality to facilitate the listener's understanding of a moral and religious idea. Parables of jesus are sometimes difficult to understand because the context of the time and different from today, sometimes because the context of the time and different from today, sometimes it's also prophetic...

Looking at an example when Jesus spoke in parable, he used illustrations from the time that people knew it referred to shepherds, sheep, farmers, bread, salt, etc. When the person used his imagination to understand the parable of Jesus it was much simpler and Jesus knew it. Most of these messages were simple for everyone to understand.

Jesus surpassed everyone in wisdom and knowledge, yet he remained simple in these words so that people understand the gospel of the lord. The Historical of jesus were miraculous, The Pharisees did not believe in him, as the prophecy says, the son of man will be on earth but no one will believe him.

Christ told the people that if you cannot understand my words as you understand the things that come from heaven and are beyond the understanding of man. Jesus followers was the early christians who will suffer much tribulation but at the time when he spoke of testimony, commandments, acts of the apostles, king of the jews, ascension, etc. their minds were not yet ready to understand.

People who did not understand Jesus were not foolish, they were usually religious people who thought they were more intelligent than Jesus, people who were incredulous and closed their hearts to the light of Jesus. The truths of story of jesus they were afraid because they did not want to see the reputation decrease in favor of him.


To understand God's word, what Jesus said it is not enough to use his intelligence but we need God's revelation in our mind we need the Holy Spirit to understand the resurrection, christianity, forgiveness, trinity, etc.

For this we must already accept Jesus as the son of God, accept his divinity and then our heart will be more open to understand and hear. Incarnate the ministry of jesus become saints and acces to the throne. Apostle paul, gospel of thomas and gospel of john say that we should want to be more like Jesus in our lives so that our hearts will always be directed towards holiness.

God does not reveal his word to everyone, he only reveals it to those who believe in him, who are humble and sincere. Our heart must remain pure before God like a child before its parents and not be filled with arrogance.


As Jesus said no one had eyes but could not see he had ears but could not hear, spiritually they were blind and deaf. The doctrine needs holy spiritual spirit and not sinners justify like Judas. The sermon on the mount in gospel of matthew we learn that most of the time the followers of Jesus thought logically without using their faith, they did not realize that their faith was their most powerful weapon.

The first reason is that God is love and never abandons his creation but if man no longer believes in him. God wants every person to reach the divine knowledge and repentance with the hope that changes the way and come back to Jesus.

We can also see in the Old Testament that God had sent a prophet under the name of Jonas to preach to the Assyrian empire because they had turned away from God and then thanks to the coming of the prophet the people repented.



The second reason is that God did not want to have excuses from man, if he had listened to Jesus preach and had not accepted it, it was his fault and not God's because man often tends to blame others. The Bible says in John 12:46-48 that Jesus came as a light into this world so that everyone would believe in me and not remain in darkness for eternity.

Let everyone who hears my words and does not accept them be judged accordingly when they stand before the judgment seat of God. Namely that God does not want men to go to hell, Jesus Christ to me came to save and not to condemn.

To be clearer, Jesus came to restore the truth in this world to destroy the darkness.

The gospel is free for all, it is available for all, God leaves the choice to man to believe or not to believe because God is love and he does not force anyone. Jesus to preach for the salvation of mankind, he even gave his own life as a living sacrifice on the cross to wash away man's transgression against God.

The kingdom of heaven is only attainable if one believes in Jesus and follows with sincerity. Here is the message that Jesus wanted to convey - you don't need to know the Bible by heart, you have the main message of the Bible. No matter what your sins are, our lord gives you a second chance.

To conclude, Jesus was simply perfect in word and deed in the Bible, everything he did was not in his own interest but for the general interest. Everything he did he did out of love and it is his wish that every person should have access to that eternal love which surpasses all things in this world.

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