Top 3 Christian Earring - Best Selling
Top 3 Christian Earring - Best Selling

Top 3 Christian Earring - Best Selling

We are pleased to present our 100% Christian brand, which today has thousands of customers. All our products are 100% cotton and created by a team of designers with extreme precision. Please note that 10% of our profits are donated to associations in the United States for the homeless.

We are more than a clothing brand, each one of our collections has a history.

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Customize your earrings to your image, let your creative spirit flourish to create the model that suits you. You can write the message you want, the one that is most important to you or to someone else. 


Lightning is considered in the Bible, as in our language, as a sign of swiftness and suddenness. It is also, like many luminous phenomena, an attribute of the glory of God or His envoys, It is also compared to lightning as a weapon. We made this design for all strong women who stay close to God.

To have more details about the lightning in the bible click : here

 Lightning Christian Earring


They have had dozens of kings in the Bible, but the most important one is the one called the King of kings is Jesus. This is why we wanted to represent a crown to subtly bring a Christian touch to this earring.

The 10 most important verses in the bible showing that jesus is king : here

 Christian Earring King

You can also discover our entire collection : here

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