Top 12 Christian Painting Best Selling | Jesus King
Top 12 Christian Painting Best Selling | Jesus King

Top 12 Christian Painting Best Selling | Jesus King



We are pleased to present our 100% Christian brand, which today has thousands of customers. 

We are more than a clothing brand, each one of our collections has a history. We are specialize in painting christian art. Our store is like a museum of art christian.

For those who don't know us, you can click here to discover us. Our paintings are available in several different size types. Click on the one you like to adjust the size.



Become your own artist and let your art express itself. Click on the "read more" button and go to our product page where you can do the customization.  Declare your devotion to the lord with this or do something symbolic.




One love means the love of God the only one is unique who loves us without interests. No matter how we behave his love is so great that he will continue to love us. Never doubt of his love ! Celebrate the death and resurrection promises of jesus. Old testament verse is prophetic and it says that there will come a man who will save the world by love, it will be the trinity.

Painting One Love



A heart with hundreds of flags to represent all the countries of the world. God doesn't look at the origin, at the appearance he stretches out his arms to whoever will want to come to him.  Preach the doctrine of divine powers no matter how it looks.

More about the love of God.

Painting Everybody Love

4. I COR 16:18


As the Bible says in Corinthians does everything in love because without love God does not validate your actions, here is a little verse to put a little reminder is decorate your house. Proclaim the biblical commands  for holiness with this piece.

Painting Verses



Here is a table with two references : the first is the Holy Spirit who comes down to earth to dwell with the children of God and the second is the one and only way that leads to paradise, that of Jesus. The only path is jesus, this is the gospel.

Painting Holy Light



A wonderful gift for a very loving couple ! A heart that burns with love but that never dies. A poster for affirm your christian faith, and you love for the lord jesus. Thanks to the life of jesus you are a son of god.

Painting Love



What a beautiful planet we have given our creator. Count 1 minute this painting to realize that it is a pure masterpiece. He created the earth in 6 days and on the 7th he rested here is what the bible says about the creation of the world.

To learn more about the creation of the world click here.

Painting Earth



We all have a god-like emptiness, that's why non-believers feel a lack because only god can fill it. This love is indescribable. The christians believe that christianity is salvation.

Painting Fill Up



It's cake is called macaroons a French specialty that I love to taste around a family meal, they are so delicious that you could compare them to the sweetness of jesus .

Painting  SOFTNESS



Here is a light that shines even in a very dark forest we compare it to the light of god that shines even in darkness because light always triumphs over darkness. Here is a wonderful landscape as creation of adam. 

Painting lightning

11. The Prayer Painting


Representation of the cross of our savior who was cruxified, the scriptures say he is the messiah who has committed no sins. Photo taken on a disciple of Jesus Christ. Christ is god the father who was glorified.

12. The Cross Painting


It's a religious painting made by a Christian artist in monastery to pray. Inspiring during a service in a cathedral. The bible belongs to a saint man who read the new testament, was part of the faithful of the theological churches.



You can also discover our entire collection : here

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