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"I Am The Way The Truth And The Life"

"I Am The Way The Truth And The Life"

There is a verse in the Bible that says "I am the way, the truth and the life". The man who says this is Jesus and we are going to reveal to you in this article for son of god says this. Where in the New-testament, old testament and scriptures It is said this.¬†ūüďĖ

This article aims to look at a person who is larger than men and try to understand the purpose of life at the same time.¬†ūüߨ

jesus said "i am the way the truth and the life"


We are going to tell you a real story of a missionary pastor who traveled for 1 year around the world to write this article to understand the purpose of life. He was searching in depth the kingdom of god to know god and to have his own testimony in relation to Jesus gospel. Word of Christ : Let the whole world keep its eyes on the Father of Light, for he is the way that leads us to holiness. Possess the spirit of god is speaks spiritually and go to heaven in mind.

When I was traveling in China to meet one of the most famous wuhan pastor during the night I was thinking about those beautiful words I said and suddenly the Lord visited me and I had a vision, I saw in the distance a beautiful white city with trees all around filled with abundant fruit.

The sky was all white with a sparkling color and then I saw a crowd of people approaching, they were dressed all in white and in the middle I immediately saw my lord Jesus on a white horse, his face was radiant with splendor, you could feel his holiness.

I saw people smiling, you could see their bones and peace in their faces. The atmosphere was filled with sanctity, was inexplicable. I understood directly that the city belonged to him and that people were following him.


Then the Lord said, "Look at these people who fought the good fight and were born again, and now they are in peace for all eternity. Then he added to me your Lord Jesus Christ, I am the head of the church, those who follow me his wise and walk towards sanctification, do not build any project without God's consent you would build a house on sand and you will fail. You, my son, continue your trip and you have blessed me.

Then I woke up and began to cry with joy when I saw that Jesus had spoken to me and blessed me. Now thanks to this light (Jesus) I knew clearly what my path was. It taught me to trust God and to always ask Him for the right path to take.

John 8:12 says that Jesus is the light of the world and whoever walks with him will not be in darkness. Unfortunately nowadays God is set aside and God's law is banished in favor of money and material goods. The love god and resurrection of jesus perish through the generations.

The main thing that men have is unbelief, their lack of faith in God diverts them from the ways that lead to Jesus. But it is important to remember that in the time of Moses and Abraham people also lacked faith and did not trust God in difficult times. If you want to have more details on the life of jesus click here.

LIFE WITH JESUS (Miracles and Blessings)

If everyone would have faith in Jesus the world would be less deceitful and ruthless, but it would be good and full of peace. The gospel of Jesus is like a pit where all the bad things are thrown away and only the good things come out. Example change you from hate to peace, impulsiveness to calm and anger to gentleness.

Christ confirmed that he was the only way, that is, if you don't follow Jesus, you don't follow God. Jesus is the only one who died on the cross to wash away man's sins. The bible is clear that god created human beings to be children of god but like the apostle paul said mankind is sinful cause of adam and eve and the prophecies are being fulfilled.

It is really necessary to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus in this debauched world where sin has become normal by practicing it. Jesus is the source of our comfort and hope. Without him life has no meaning. For the lord the objective is brought salvation, the definition of the gospel of christ is this. Promises of god will be fulfilled.

Life with Jesus does not mean an easy and perfect life but know that it means a life in holiness and peace and Jesus to God that those who walk in holiness in this life will be rewarded in heaven. To get closer to a perfect life bring you closer to Jesus because he was perfect in every way the Bible says he never sinned. Jesus said, "I have come that they may have life," he was talking about eternal life after death. This life is obtained through the application of the divine principles mentioned in the Bible. Click here to know the indispensable divine principles to know. 


There are many of them but we are going to quote you the best known. The first divine principle is in Mark 12:30 which says you shall love your god with all your heart and with all your strength. It is simply the belief that there is a divine being in this case God. It is he who gives us strength and blessing every day.

A second principle is the acceptance to live each day of our life in the divine grace of God, it is he who renews our breath of life each day. It is important to recognize this grace and to thank God for it. The last principle is honesty and peace, God doesn't like what causes trouble by their lack of wisdom and the thugs who manipulate people, religions condemned this.


To live a life in Christ does not mean being a recluse of the world and staying in a church all day. Live like Christ jesus, a disciple or a prophet. Live in accordance with the Bible by stepping back and following your heart. The teachings of the bible are taught in daily life and help to find a balance in one's life.  To find a sense of meaning in our lives and to be able to be happy.

Everything that Jesus says is for the good of man, let me give you an example when a father gives an advice to his child it is for his benefit because he loves and well for Jesus it is the same thing all the teachings he has to give his to develop the body of Christ (all Christians) because his love for humans is greater love of all. Start a bible study if you are interesting.

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