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Jesus vs Buddha | What are the differences ?

Jesus vs Buddha | What are the differences ?

What is the difference between Jesus and Buddha, many people believe that Jesus never existed and others believe the opposite. Generally the beliefs are based on a religion either Christianity, Buddhism, hinduism, islam, judaism or other religions. Do you know the buddhist doctrine ? buddhist art ? teachings of jesus ? 



Tibetan Buddhism is an Eastern religion that believes in reincarnation. The Christian faith believes in Jesus Christ the son of God who died to save mankind and that a paradise awaits them near God.

Missions claims for jesus and buddha


  • Buddha was born on december 25th of the Virgin Maya
  • His birth was attended by wise men and a star of announcement.
  • He was pronounced ruler of the world
  • His life was threatened by a king who wanted to destroy him.
  • He was of royal lineage and taught in a temple at age 12.
  • He was baptized in water with the spirit of god present
  • He was a miracle worker and fed 500 men for a small basket of cakes.
  • He abolished idolatry.
  • His followers were obligated to renounce the world and live in poverty.
  • He glowed during a transfiguration on a mountain.
  • He died on a cross, according to some traditions.
  • His tomb was supernaturally opened where he ascended bodily to Nirvana
  • He is said to return in the latter days to return order and judge the dead.



Before we gone through these, when we first need to note. Our earliest sources for buddha post-date the life of jesus and the new testament. The first biography of buddha was not written until the second century AD. Buddhist scriptures, buddhist meditation and the buddhist philosophy is most older. The life of the buddha was incredible by is wisdom. But nothing indicates that it has all the truths.   

Source : Miranda Eberle Shaw

The bible doesn't seem to speak of buddha but rather of jesus which seems logical. In this article we need concrete proof that Jesus or Buddha existed. Buddhism and christianity human-being needs a divine illumination for meditating.


" Who holds the truth ? We are going to be objective and not based on beliefs but rather on real facts. "


Buddha was never said to have been born on december 25th but Buddha was born on the 8th day of the 4th lunar month.

Source : Huai-Chin Nan, Basic Buddhism Page 36-37

His mother was named Maya but so what, there is no evidence the name Mary come from this. From this scholars know mary comes from the earlier hebrew name Miriam Buddha. And most are convinced that Buddha is the incarnation of God rather than Jesus. But who to believes ? The historical buddha or christian beliefs

To come to the gymnosophists of india, the opinion is authoritatively habded down that buddha, the founder of their religion, had his birth through the side of a virgin. As the gospels says the son of god will be born of the virgin. The Prophets had announced it.

Source : St. Jerome Against Jovinianus, Book 1.815

Edwards J. Thomas said the oldest account of Buddhas ancestry appear to presuppose nothing abnormal about his birth, and merely speaks of him being well born both on his mother's and father's side for seven generations. According to the later legends he is born not as other human beings, but in the same way as a universal king he descends from the Tusita heaven by his own choice, and with this his father is not concerned. This is not properly a virgin birth, but it may be called pathogenetic, that is, suddhodana was not his progenitor. The Buddhist traditions represent Buddha as a superior and revered being.

Source : The life of Buddha as legend and history


Buddha's followers were called and renounced the world and live in poverty but Christians were not called to live in poverty. In the new testament jesus called people of many different walks of life and there is no evidence all Christians are supposed to be poor. Yes some are given that calling but not all.

There's no evidence of a transfiguration on a mount buddha was just set to glow because of his enlightenment there is no tradition that says Buddha died on a cross or buried in the tomb. Nirvana is not a place one ascends but a state of being a late chinese document says buddha opened his coffin to speak but then closed it again. Buddha is not said to return, there will be a future Buddha and will be a different person entirely.


We are going to reveal to you our conception of the thing between schools of buddhism and the sermon of trinity, there is no fundamental and proven fact that testifies that jesus is god or that buddha is a supreme being, the truth is in your heart. If you believe in a god, seek him and we are sure he will answer you. As a Christian blog we do not try to convince you with scientific proofs because it is impossible but we let god act spiritually if your heart desires it.

For we are here to state facts and not to discuss the philosophical conception of the spiritual world. If you are looking for a spiritual quest, we advise you to be guided by faith.

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