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How To Pray Properly ? The 5 Essential Elements To Know

How To Pray Properly ? The 5 Essential Elements To Know

If you are a new Christian, you have come to the right place because we are going to show you the 5 basics you need to know during a prayer. A Christian's most powerful weapon is prayer .

Before starting it is very important to know that our article is based on the bible. Take the time to read carefully .

1.  The sincerity

This is the most important thing in your prayer you must be sincere in your heart and not make false promises or repentance. You must establish a relationship of trust with God, your sincerity is paramount. Invoke the holy spirit to pray  in unity.

Testament of jesus christ said make Devotion when you Pray to god to be blessed. Church is your family prayer, your are in a Spiritually world, so you need to the Lord jesus christ to fight against satan. Forgive and will continue to pray in the Name of jesus this is what the Liturgical advises us. Psalms 119/80 : "Let my heart be true, that I may not be ashamed".

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The sincerity

2. The grateful

This notion is very important, it does not depend on your current situation. Thanking God for your life, it is very important not to hold a grudge against God but to be always grateful for his grace. Thank Jesus every day, when you wake up from your bed, when you have something to eat.

Invoke the presence of god's kingdom on earth for have miracle prayer, every prayer is important. You need to have day of prayer in the month for intercede on the prayer requests,  meditate, talk to god, and your supplication.

James 1/17 : Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights 

The grateful

3. The Humility

Open your heart to God in all sincerity, if you have committed a sin speak in. If you have sinned against someone, make sure he forgives you. Humbly ask God's forgiveness and mercy for the sins you have committed. You can get on your knees during prayer to show real obedience to God.

Recite daily prayers every night, enter a praise and worship then begin to pray, acknowledge the prayerful trust, continue to love and pray for you, repent,  memorize the new testament verses that Christ jesus proclaim. Christian prayers is merciful. Encourage people to pray short prayers and the supernatural can happen. 

James 4/10 : Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.

The Humility

4. The Faith

It is important to believe 100% that God exists when you pray that it will enhance you, if you have doubts ask God to increase your faith. Your faith allows you to overcome mountains, to walk without fearing anyone because you know that the king of kings is with you and he protects you. Maintain your relationship with God by including morning prayer. Christians have the spirit of prayer, God-knows your Life of prayer.   

Matthew 21:22 And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.

The Faith

5. Not have grudge

Don't hold a grudge against God, rather say that everything happens for a reason and that God wants your goodness not to let the devil turn you against God. Know that God hates resentment and lack of obedience. Imagine that a father takes care of his son every day until he comes of age and the son is grudging him for various reasons, wouldn't you be angry with your son for his lack of gratitude.

Praise god for live in the holiness, you will need to have perseverance, follow your religion. The Bible is the word of god there is the old testament and the new testament called the gospel. Enjoy the presence of god and learn to pray. verses that emphasize contemplation of divine, the father in heaven restore your souls. Finish your prayer always by amen as the Disciples, the scripture said this (Galatians 5-19 to 21).

Not have grudge


Now you have the main keys to making a good prayer that pleases God.Thank our savior because the souls of Christians are already in heaven, you can make adoration.

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