Top 10 Christian Necklace Best Selling | Jesus King
Top 10 Christian Necklace Best Selling | Jesus King

Top 10 Christian Necklace Best Selling | Jesus King

We are pleased to present our Jewelry collection, which today has thousands of customers. Watch after our Love necklace for maybe a Jewelry gifts.

We are more than a Necklace jewelry, each one of our collections has a history.

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You have the possibility to personalize your necklace as you wish, you can write your name or the name of a person to make a gift that will be unique.

Necklace Personnalize

2. KING Jewellery

Here is a king's crown representing the one who dominates the destiny of each of us gods. He is the one who sits on a throne and admires his creation. Collar necklace of Lord's prayer.

Necklace King


A heart-shaped necklace with a horse that represents the return of Jesus who will come down from heaven with a white horse to take away all the Christians of the world and make war on evil.

Click here to learn more about the return of jesus announce in the bible.

Necklace Horse


We designed two hearts on the necklace to symbolize the love between god and men. The father has always loved since adam and eve and he has always forgiven his betrayals. Statement necklace of faith hope love. Pendant necklace with Open-heart.


5. LIGHT Rose gold

Christ is the light that shines in our hearts, that holy light that guides us on the right path to heaven and eternal peace. Communion is symbolic for this Pearl pendant.

Necklace Light


You have the opportunity to personalize your necklace as you wish, you can put your name or the name of a friend to give a gift that will be unique. Or a unique word that is close to your heart.

Necklace Personnalize

7. DOLPHIN Gold necklace

The dolphin represents Jesus. It is used as an analog for his crucifixion on the cross and is a symbol of Resurrection. For Christians, Jesus Christ is the foundation of their faith.  Chain is made in steel chain.

Necklace Dolphin

8. JEAN 3:16 Gold plated

We have written this verse because it is one of the most important verses in the Bible. It shows all of God's love for humanity and includes the main message of the Gospel. Circle necklace symbolize her purity.

Learn more about the most important verse of the bible.

Necklace Jean 3:16

9. WHALE Silver pendant

A whale linking with the representations dating from the Italian artists of the rebirth in relation to the giant fish that had swallowed jonas in the bible but that had not killed it.

History of jonas and the fish.

Necklace Whale

10. PEACE Necklace pendant

We have called this necklace peace because Jesus came to bring peace, joy and happiness. Stay calm keep jesus and you will keep your internal peace.

Necklace Peace

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